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About Our Custom Frames

We strive at Affordable Coastal Glass to get our customers the highest quality for the lowest price and our frames and framing services are no exception! Browsing the gallery above you can see some of the frames we carry, but there are even more than these so if you do not see the frame you are looking for, please send us a message anyway describing what you want and we will be glad to find it for you.

Our frames are high quality, custom made to order, unique, and nicer than you would expect, all at a great price. Pictures do not do them justice, and there is a reason we work with so many interior designers and high scale contractors who know little touches on a home or room, like beautiful picture frames, make a world of difference for their clients.

Adding a mirror or glass to the frame or a mounting solution is a simple process that we also provide, and we can ship your frame anywhere in the world. Though beveling a mirror raises the price significantly (all our beveled mirrors are custom cut and hand beveled) we are still cheaper than most of the machined garbage you will find at major retailers.

These frames can be any size you want and are custom made to order. Just specify if you want the frame sized to be from the inside of the frame (frame cut to fit a picture or mirror specifically) or the outside of the frame (frame fitting a wall or gap) and you’ll get the exact measurement you are looking for.

In the Orange County Area we also can come out and take measurements for you, or you can drop off your picture or mirror with us and we will handle all the details. Affordable Glass in Costa Mesa, is here to serve.

  • Custom Made to Order
  • The Highest Quality Materials
  • Cheaper Than Machined Options
  • Huge Variety, More Than Are Listed
  • Nicer In Person
  • We Also Provide Mirrors & Glass

"Our frames arrived faster than they quoted, and were much nicer than we thought they would be."

− Susan D.

"The selection they have is massive, high quality frames for much cheaper than I've found anywhere else."

− Jordan T.